Meet Our Super Staff

The staff at Rolle inspires, motivates, and affirms. We treat every student with warmth and respect as we help them achieve academic and personal excellence. We're proud to have some of the best teachers, staff, and volunteers in the state of Arizona! Rolle teachers believe that every Mission Statementminute spent in class with your child is very important, and we appreciate your efforts to make sure your child is in class every day and on time.

We invite you to meet our great staff:

Office Staff
Principal Leeanne Lagunas                         
Secretary Marlene Brooberg
Clerk Alix Taylor
Nurse Laury Johnson
Counselor Harriet Montaney
Counselor Michelle Sheldon


Kindergarten 1st Grade            2nd Grade 3rd Grade
Rocio Bobbio Linda Bergman MaryAnn Ferguson Donna Brandenberger
Joyce Kauffman Jennifer Henderson Icela Gonzalez Kelly Covey
Erika White Michelle Keeling Ana Kochis Laura Minnick
Evonne Newell   Tammy Taylor  
4th Grade 5th Grade Resource ESS Preschool
Ashley Bajohr Amy Bidne Stacey Tams Tiffany Ott
Jenna Garcia Laura Danford    
Ruth Wilmot Penny Doten    
  Laura Giss    
PDG Preschool K-3 Teacher Paraprofessionals  
Amanda Perez Wendy Pineda Sara Simpson   
    Margarita Ruelas   
    Pamela Lopez  


Teacher Helping Student at Desk
Reading Karen Bagby
Library Carla Quesenberry
School Psychologist Annette Howard
Art Cheri Williams 
P.E. Stephanie Jauregui 
Music Jan Jackson 
Discovery Cassandra Gonzales
Cafeteria Gladys Martinez
PTO Tricia Kinnell